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Permanent Jewelry Picnics

Get ready for a match made in heaven as Jersey Shore Picnic Co. teams up with Forever Golden, your go-to destination for permanent jewelry! We're excited to announce our exclusive collaboration, where you can now enjoy our luxury picnics with a touch of glamour. Experience picnics like never before with our unique pop-up bonding bar, where you can discover and adorn yourself with Forever Golden's timeless jewelry pieces while savoring our delectable spreads. 

About Forever Golden

The unique FOREVER GOLDEN concept is the perfect addition to your special occasion, and we are here to make your special moments just a little bit more sentimental! Forever Golden offers a completely customized bonded jewelry experience. We specialize in custom “forever”  bracelets which are simply a luxe piece of jewelry that gets perfectly fit to your individual body, then bonded on without a clasp to open or close it. Permanent jewelry is effortless, chic, and sustainable. It is kept on all the time, and represents a special memory with those you choose to get "bonded" with. Our high quality chain selection is unmatched, we feature 14 karat gold-filled and sterling silver chain options as well as a variety of ever-so-dainty charms.. Forever Golden is jewelry made for you to live in + love.  All our jewelry options are waterproof and tarnish resistant, keeping their shine, sparkle and remaining FOREVER GOLDEN.


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How It Works

We come set up a “Bonding Bar” at your picnic, bracelets can be pre-purchased, then bonded on for the guests at the picnic or we can come and sell directly to the guests individually.

Exclusive Picnic Package Options

Minimum 5 Guests: Host Gets 1  free  Permanent Bracelet as a Thank You from us!

10-15 Guests: 10% off  the total cost of bracelets pre-purchased

16-25 guests: 20% off  the total cost of bracelets pre-purchased


*Services charges apply.

Step 1

Browse our picnic packages and find which one is right for your event!

Step 2

Pick your favorite theme or create your own!

Step 3

Choose which tiers & chains are perfect for you and your guests!

Step 4

Fill out a booking form to request your desired date!

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