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Company Policies

Booking & Cancellation Policy

A 30% non-refundable down payment is collected to book an event with us. Any cancellations by the Client prior to the 7 day period will be charged only their down payment. Any cancellations by the Client within the 7 day period prior to the event will not be refunded. The client will be charged their invoice total.  Cancellations made by Jersey Shore Picnic Co. will be fully refunded.

Weather Policy

Jersey Shore Picnic Co. has the right to cancel your event due to inclement weather any time prior to the event start time. If rain is forecasted within 3 hours prior to the start time of the event and 3 hours after the event is scheduled to end, the event will likely be cancelled. We will notify you of any cancellations via email. An attempt to reschedule will be made, and if not rescheduled, a full refund will be provided. Events can be moved inside your home or desired location due to inclement weather. 

Security Deposit Policy

A $100 security deposit is collected at the time of payment for each event. If there are no damages or stolen items from Jersey Shore Picnic Co.'s inventory, the security deposit will be refunded to the client within one week after the event.


Guest Count Policy

The guest count must reflect the maximum amount of guests expected at your event before placing your down payment. The amount of guests can be lowered but not raised after your down payment is placed. The guest count can be lowered up to one week prior to the event before your final payment is made. Bookings with custom themes must have the final number of guests set before placing your down payment.

Tablescape Policy

Clients are responsible for cleaning any plates, bowls, cutlery, serving dishes and glasses provided by Jersey Shore Picnic Co. prior to next day pickup. Failure to do so will result in collection of the security deposit. *Does not apply to picnics.

Room Decorating Policies

  • We do not facilitate hotel or Airbnb bookings. Clients are responsible for booking their accommodations separately.

  • Clients must ensure that they have checked into their room or accommodation prior to our scheduled arrival.

  • Our team arrives 2 hours prior to the scheduled event start time for setup and decoration.

  • We are not liable for any cleaning fees imposed by the hotel or Airbnb as a result of our services.

  • For next-day cleaning bookings, we are only responsible for cleaning the decor items brought by our team, not for cleaning the entire room or house.

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